Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue

May Updates and Request for Food!

May 2019

We welcomed Bruno and Maddie!

We placed Bruno, Sheba, and Bridger!

We raised $4,250 for our North Dakota Medical Costs!

Also, we are running low on our food supply!
Donations would be greatly appreciated!

Fundraiser for Medical Costs

April 2019

We are currently running a fundraiser to help cover the costs of the medical care for the six North Dakota dogs.

Some of the costs include:

Vaccinations, blood tests, thyroid tests, antibiotics for skin and ear infections, sterilization, special diets to assist with lack of apetite, medications to help assist the dogs in comfortable change and transition, and more!

Canine Carnival Event

March 2019

Come by the Canine Carnival on May 18th to learn more about our rescue, adoptable dogs, and Newfoundlands! We'll be doing a giveaway and will have some Newfs on hand that you can meet.

More Info on This Event:

We will honor the working and playing dogs of the community with guest speakers, presentations by the staff on the resident wolves, and by visiting canine groups! Enjoy demonstrations from a variety of dog related activities, such as herding, agility, service dogs, search and rescue, and more. Learn about different breeds of dogs from local rescues and groups, meet dog related service providers, and visit with sellers of dog related merchandise. Dogs on leash always welcome. All proceeds benefit the Wildlife Science Center.

Location: 22830 Sunrise Rd NE, Stacy, MN 55079

Welcome Lucy

March 2019

We welcomed Lucy to our rescue in March!
We are currently accepting applications for Lucy, Maggie, Wanda, Phoenix, Molly, and Milly!
Haley has been adopted!
Bridger, Lulu, and two other North Dakota dogs are on hold.

North Dakota Surrenders

March 2019

Two of our volunteers traveled over 800 miles on February 25th to bring six Newfoundlands to the safety of our rescue. All of these dogs will need to be vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and evaluated before placement, but we are accepting applications for them. We are also in need of supplies that can be found on our wishlist.

Welcome Haley

January 2019

We welcomed Haley to our rescue in January!
We are currently accepting applications for Lulu, Maggie, and Haley!
Cleo, Kona, and Flash have all been adopted!

January Shirt Fundraiser

December 2018

We just launched our January 2019 Shirt Fundraiser! All funds go to support Minnesota Newfoundlands through the Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust!

Shirts are available in multiple colors, as well as long sleeve and sweatshirt.

The fundraiser ends January 26th, 2019.

Welcome Cleo, Bridger, and Kona

December 2018

We welcomed Cleo, Bridger, and Kona to our rescue in December! We are currently accepting applications for Cleo and Kona. Bridger is on hold for evaluation.

2019 Newfs Gone Bad Calendar

December 2018

The 2019 Newfs Gone Bad Calendar is on sale now! The Newfs Gone Bad Calendar is a fundraiser for the Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust, split between Newfoundland Rescue and the Health Challenge. It's full of goofy Newf photos, and this year includes a Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue Alumni, Finn!