Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue


"Hey there! Louie (Bodhi) is doing so well! He is still a big mommas boy. We found out he LOVES baths. And I can sometimes find him sitting in our downstairs shower looking at me like, "bath time?!". We've found out he is awesome with little kids, he is super gentle and let's them pet him, and he always gives them gentle little kisses and never jumps or knocks them over! Him and his kitty brother are getting along super well now, they spend a lot of time playing together (kitty sitting on the couch playing with Louie's big head!). We just love him so much! Oh! And he is still doing great with dogs, we've sent him to doggy play days and he now even goes to doggie daycare and LOVES it! He practically pulls his leash out of my hand. He is a staff/doggy favorite. They even put him in with the little dogs because they like him."