Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your adoption requirements?

We have no hard and fast adoption requirements, other than that we do not ship and adoptive families must pick up dogs from the foster home or other arranged location. Individual dogs do have their own reqiurements, which can be found in their profile. All adoptions are completed as best match for the individual dog.

Can I come visit your facility/your dogs/a particular dog?

All of our dogs stay in loving, private foster homes until they are adopted. We do not have a facility for people to visit, and families are only invited to visit with a particular dog once they have been pre-approved (sucessful completion of our adoption application and interview process).

Why does everything take so long?

We are a small group, made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom run their own businesses. The first priority of our volunteers is the care of the dogs - some weeks have multiple trips to the vet or groomer, both of which take president over calling on applications or scheduling home visits. Additionally, illness, vacations, and special family events all have priority for our volunteers over rescue - as long our dogs are properly cared for, placement can wait if it needs to. We ask that interested parties have patience with our process.

I want to talk to someone on the phone before I fill out the application!

As stated previously, everyone at Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue is a volunteer. We prioritize time carefully, and taking phone calls to answer questions about the dogs are not something we ask of any of our volunteers. If you have questions, you are free to email them, but generally, all of the information about a particular dog is available on their Petfinder page (or their profile on our website). You are welcome to fill out an application, even if you do not fit all of the qualifications listed, but please do so knowing that lacking those qualifications may mean you are not considered for that dog.

Will I be notified if my application is rejected for a specific dog?

Unfortunately, due to our small team and time constraints, we are not able to notify every applicant if they are determined to not be the best match for a certain dog. Additionally, we reserve the right, at any time, to end the adoption process if deemed that, by our volunteers, it is in the best interest of the dog to do so.

Do dogs go on multiple home visits?

While we do our best to make a great match via our paper application and our application screening processes, some dogs do attend multiple home visits while we try to find their perfect fit. A home visit is not a guarantee that you will be asked to adopt.

My home is perfect, why won't you give me 'Dog X'?!

We understand that it can be difficult if you are notified that you won't be a candidate for a particular dog, however, please know that we make these decisions with the dog in mind. Our foster homes embrace these dogs into their families and help us determine what the best fit for them would be. Often, there are particulars for a specific dog that mean that dog would just not be a good fit in your home.

Will my application be kept on file for future rescues, if I am not deemed a fit for current dogs in rescue?

Yes! All applications are kept on file for 6 months, and we will contact you if a dog comes into rescue that we think would be a fit for your family.

Are you looking for new volunteers?

We are always happy to receive volunteer & foster applications! There are many ways to get involved. So, if you are interested, please fill out the appropriate application and we will get back to you.

I have or know of a Newfoundland in need, how do I begin the surrender process?

Please email us at MNNewfoundlands@gmail.com and we will arrange a phone call to learn more about the dog in question. If you are able, donations at time of surrender are always welcome to offset the cost of the dog's care.

Adoption Process

    Complete and submit our Adoption Application

    Please fill out in as much detail as possible!

    A volunteer accepts and processes your application. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

    This may take up to two weeks, depending on how busy we are. Please, be patient.

    You will receive a first contact screening phone call from a volunteer to discuss your application and ask any additional questions.

    Completing an application is not a guarantee that you will receive a call from us. Additionally, this call may occur whether or not we have a specific dog in mind for your family and may occur days/weeks/months after receipt depending on how busy we are.

    If you are determined to be a potential match for a specific dog, you will be contacted by our director or the foster home of that dog to discuss more about the needs of the dog and whether or not all parties think there is a potential match.

    If all parties agree that there could be a match, a home visit is scheduled and completed with your family and that specific dog.

    If both parties determine it to be a good match, your adoption is approved!

    All adoptions are finalized when you come to pick up the dog from its foster home or otherwise agreed upon location.

    Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue reseves the right to terminate the adoption process at any point, for any reason, if it is determined that doing so would be in the best interest of the rescue dog.