Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue

Our Newfs and Children

We are often asked about the reasons our dogs frequently require homes without children, or with children over a certain age. We want you to know that these decisions are not made lightly. We don't like to make the placement pool for our dogs any smaller than we have to, but sometimes we have to.

Newfoundlands, in general, are viewed as great family dogs; they're supposed to be patient and love children. However, the fact of the matter is that, yes, some dogs can be great with kids, but many are not, for a variety of reasons.

In our rescue, if there is such a restriction on a dog, the reason is generally one of the following:

1. The dog has a history of doing poorly (rowdy, jumpy, etc) with small children, but does fine with with older children or teenagers.

2. We have no idea if the dog is good with children and, due to the dog's energy level, we feel young children would be a poor fit (regardless of the child's past experience with extra large dogs).

3. We have some idea of how the dog is with children, but the dog has never lived with children and we do not believe living with small children would be in the best interest of the dog (regardless of the child's past experience with extra large dogs).

4. The dog is highly excitable and would not do well in a home where there are young children (who are also at risk of being highly excitable).

5. The dog is fearful of or afraid of children and living in a home with them would not be in their best interest.

Occasionally, there may be other considerations, but we will list those on a case-by-case basis.

All of this being said, we do have occasion to get dogs that are excellent with small children, but those dogs go quickly and generally to people that are already in our application pool - just another reason we recommend you have an application on file with us!